An Indigenous entrepreneur, Sumba, Indoneisa A Sumbanese old lady poses gracefully in Tarung Village. She is an excellent basket weaver who earns for her family

The Eco-warrior. Bisnoi Village, Rajasthan Bishnoi women, famous for their love towards nature, always use dead trees and fallen leaves for cooking. They never cut down living trees.

To save the ancient art, Singapore One of those few young talents who still try to sustain the fading art of Teochew opera. She traveled all the way from China to perform at the Nine emperor Gods festival, Singapore.

With love Goddess Durga is worshiped in Bengal as a daughter, a mother, a source of power. She is greeted with sweets and vermilion on the last day of Durga Puja festival.

The Royal Smile. Kolkata, India A Royal lady is greeting all the spectators to visit Durga Puja festival, organized at her ancient mansion. Shobha Bazar Rajbari, Kolkata, India

The entrepreneur. Jodhpur Rajasthan A Rajasthani woman runs her own bamboo craft shop near Mehrangarh fort.

Taking baby steps towards self reliance, Indonesia Ela, 11years old indigenous girl, learnt weaving Ikkat from her mother and already mastered this art at her own home. Waingapu, Indonesia

Performing at International Konark Dance festival A Bharatnatyam artist enacting in the mythical dance-drama 'Chitrangada' at ancient Konark temple, India

Net mending at Mekong delta. Vietnam The skilled village ladies work fast to repair the fishing nets and make it ready for the next trip.

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