Kawa Ijen volcanic trail, Indonesia After a back breaking night trek we were gifted with this early morning view on our way to Ijen crater

Gunung Bromo valley, East Java The valley opposite to Mount Bromo and Batok illuminated by morning rays at golden hour. Indonesia

Cloud crossing through Karst mountains, China Karst topography is a unique feature in Yangshu area. These lime stone structures are believed to have been raised from sea due to the Geological events.  Finally the constant erosion due to the local climate has given them these unique shape

Andaman Backwaters, India A tropical dusk in Chidiyatapu, Andaman. This backwater is also a home to many migratory birds and one can enjoy bird watching without disturbing their natural habitats

Super Volcano, Toba, North Sumatra The play of light through the passing clouds over a volcanic region around lake Toba. This is part of the super Volcano which brought 7 years of volcanic winter on earth after a deadly eruption some 74000 years ago.

Bromo Tengger volcanic caldera, East Java The caldera of an ancient volcano (Tengger) from which four new volcanic cones have emerged. This area contains the highest peak of Java, Mount Semeru (3,676 m) which is visible in background

Golden glow on forest-topped limestone hills, Ipoh Ipoh is home to several limestone monoliths which were formed by natural forces since millions of years. This also also includes some ancient caves and all of these landscapes are extremely rich in bio diversity. But unfortunately many of these scenic hills are getting blasted and demolished to extract limestones for building materials.

Tea Valley, Cameron Highlands Light chasing in tea valley, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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