Misty morning unfolding around Candi Borobudur, Central Java This 9th century temple is surrounded by 4 volcanoes

Prambanan ruins, a UNESCO site in Yogyakarta Prambanan temple is characterized by its tall and pointed architecture. Historians suggest that the construction of Prambanan probably was meant to mark the return of the Hindu Sanjaya Dynasty to power in Central Java.

Pushkarini, a temple tank of the Vijayanagara Dynasty in Hampi, India Hampi is a famous UNESCO world heritage site of Southern India. More details on Hampi here: https://mangalika.com/happyfeet/in-search-of-a-lost-empire-hampi/

Panoramic view of Virupaksha temple surrounded by ruins Hampi, India More on Hampi: https://mangalika.com/happyfeet/in-search-of-a-lost-empire-hampi/

Chandni Chabutra,a platform to gaze upon moonlit sky. Bidar Bidar is a less known region of Southern India yet full of historic sites which were actually built by the Sultans of Bahmani dynasty.

Ruins of Ashtur tombs, Bidar There are arrays of tombs of the Royal family, built during the Bahmani dynasty and each has got very delicate paintings of 15th century

Aihole, featuring over 120 temples from 4th to 12th century CE a historic site of ancient and medieval era where Buddhist, Hindu as well as Jain monuments can be found. It is believed to be a cultural center and religious site for innovations in architecture and experimentation of ideas.

Bhutanatha temple, a 7th century sandstone temple in Badami, India Built during the reign of the Chalukyas, this temple is surrounded by mountain regions, Badami fort and the Badami city from four sides

Ruins of Prambanan temple Ruins of Prambanan temple

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